"Doctor, listen please because
I've got to tell you how it was!
There I stood when suddenly
I heard some voices back of me!
I turned around but, I declare,
There wasn't anybody there!
I turned to walk away, but then,
Those awful voices rose again!
I hope it's only in my head,
For this is what those voices said:
"We are the micro-men!
The smallest men by far!
There's no doubt that we're about
The littlest men there are!"
"Oh," said I, "is that a fact?"
And those voices answered back:
"So tiny you can't see us!
One millionth of your thumb!
Oh, yes it's true, and woe is you,
For now our day has come!"
"What do you want?" said I to them.
Those voices spoke to me again:
"Give us nice warm clothing,
To keep us from the cold!
Don't resist, for we insist!
Now, do as you are told!"
"Ha!" said I. "And is there more?"
Those voices went on as before:
"You'll fill our little tummies!
And do not fail, for then,
If you do, we'll see that you
Won't dare to fail again!"

Said I, "You'll not make slaves of us!"
At which those voices warned me thus:
"If you would be selfish -
If you'd refuse us then --
Well, of course, you must be forced
To help the little men!"
"Wait," said I, "That isn't fair!"
But voices cried out everywhere:
"We do not sow, we do not reap,
But before we're through
We'll show you now, we'll show you  how
We handle those who do!"
"Doctor, I got worried then,
As those voices shrieked again:
"We have you in our power!
You cannot get away!
So understand that we command
And you must now obey!
"Doctor, I'm afraid it's true!
What? You hear those voices too?"
"We are the micro-men!
You cannot get away!
So understand that we command,
And you must now obey!
We are the micro-men!
We are the micro-men!
We are the little men!
R. W. Grant