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“….Amusing, yet profound…” 
            -Dr. Milton Friedman,
                   Nobel Laureate


Comments on the 1978 book:

                           “We would recommend TOM SMITH for use in every
                                      economics and political science classroom
                                             in the country,”     – George Stoll,
                                                                      Director, FLINT SCHOOL,
                                                                                           Sarasota, Florida




                                                         Illustrations by
                                                                Richard Stein


“…a lot of truth about the eternal struggle Between business and
government.  TOM SMITH should be a primer for all MBA students.”
– Capt. James A. Lovell, Astronaut, Commander APOLLO 13.


"In my last broadcast I referred to the book called 
"The Incredible Bread Machine". "I've read its closing poem before,
but I still get request for it. So today, I'll do it again . . ."
                                                       -Ronald Reagan


                                      Tom Smith was cited in a 2006 Congressional Hearing on Antitrust Enforcement. 



We exude compassion!
Though our illusions be in tatters,
We’re feeling good about ourselves-
And that’s what really matters!